Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen and some Thirty Seconds to Mars

In April my I took a trip with a good friend to see Thirty seconds to Mars to play in Vienna, Prague and Copenhagen. So a new tour has started and even though at first I was a little sceptic about the new album - the trip was so worth it!! First of all every city we visited was beautiful and the weather gods were on our side. Prague was a new acquaintance and a city I will for sure visit again. Definitely a city for shoppers and I wish I would've taken a bigger suitcase... It was great seeing friends I've missed a lot and again a lovely trip in the best company. :)
In Vienna and Prague I didn't photograph much during the shows and only had my phone with me. It was refreshing to just dance and sing and party my butt off!! In Copenhagen I took a few shots but the quality is crappy (pocket camera) so don't have your hopes up. But here are some pictures from Vienna, Prague and Copenhagen.



Our room was on the executive floor... Prague is very affortable and you can get an excellent room for very little.

In Prague you can shop until you drop. 

Prague castle

John Lennon Wall


Thirty Seconds To Mars
The venue was really really tiny but the show was great! 


I hope you enjoyed the photos! I am already plotting and planning for a new trip. The only thing slowing me down a bit is my broken leg... I fell on my bike (literally on it) in the beginning of May and I needed surgery. So now I am doing everything I can to get better fast. 

But even if I can't right now as always

Jump and touch the sky,

Johanna K

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